Analyzing the Bolivian Christmas Eve through energy demand

Analyzing the Bolivian Christmas Eve through energy demand

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Decided not to be sad because I’m out of my country, away from family and friends, in this December 24th. I decided to investigate some fun things. This is why I want to share with you the results of the following question: Is it possible to anticipate the behavior of Bolivians, on Christmas Eve, through electricity demand?.

In principle, for those who always ask about the methodology used I want to comment that the demand for electricity (per hour) I obtained from the Bolivian CNDC. Then I contrasted data on Christmas Eve with the data of the next night, the night of December 25th.

The results are presented in the following graphs, they are separated by the demand for electricity from the main regions and others in Bolivia. The variable plotted is the difference in demand between Eve and the following night.

Well what these graphs tell us is very entertaining, from my point of view, about traditions of my country I will highlight some of them:

In the department of Santa Cruz the activity starts early, say at 7:00 pm and after a delicious dinner most households goes to rest between the 2:00 am and 3:00 am.

Meanwhile, the department of La Paz focuses its activities at midnight and it lasts until 3:00 am.

Good friends of Cochabamba have a more moderate consumption, they start the party early and leave it early.

The department of Potosí is perhaps one of the most interesting ones because their inhabitants not only start the party early but also prolong the celebration until the next day (just look at the values below zero on the graph). We could say that the beautiful tradition of «adoración al niño» kept alive in this department.

In the mining department of Oruro, its residents concentrated celebration at midnight, it lasts until 2:00 and almost immediately his parishioners come to rest.

Finally, Sucre residents begin celebrating early and only lasts until 1:00 am, perhaps because the delicious dinner was more than satisfactory. A beautiful hypothesis also arises about what those families beginning celebration from 8 pm, is because they are accompanied by their children… show it would be fantastic.

And that’s how Bolivians celebrate Christmas Eve, between traditions, dinner, hugs and gifts… where, at least for one night, the whole family gathers to pray for the health and welfare of the home, transforming this night in a real night of peace. For my part, tonight I’ll remind my loved ones and ask God to give them health and lots of peace; to my dear Santi just wish that today (and always) be very happy and he will receive the gifts he asked. His father, meanwhile, will not stop thinking in him for a second… thinking about how lucky I’m to have Santi in my life and how their mere existence is reason enough to go on.

Mauricio Medinaceli Monroy

Kabul, December 24, 2012.

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