3D printers, iPhone 6 and energy from asteroids: How will impact in our economies?

3D printers, iPhone 6 and energy from asteroids: How will impact in our economies?

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(An article that I hope will be published in the e-keko)

After several failed attempts I resign and must admit that I will never be able to write something funny and sarcastic that I was asked few days ago. A group of friends (geeks) publishes a virtual magazine that touch “serious issues” with a lot of sense of humor and sometimes very sarcastic; they asked me to write something about economic issues. I must admit that I did my best, but all attempts were deplorable, so I return to my comfort zone and write about one of my passions… the economy, but in the orthodox style.

Since the theme I was asked to write is related with 2.0 world, I decided to link economy with funniest technological advances, it’s necessary to clarify that many of them were commented by good friends who will be mentioned at the right time. The goal is simple… dream.

3-D Printers, perhaps already known by many people, these printers can reproduce objects in 3 dimensions, for example, a cup for coffee, a fork or a plate, is only matter to introduce raw material on one side (say plastic) and after a while, you get the desired product, the color you like. I met this technology through my good friend Wayne R. we spoke that such technology could change the future significantly. What? So far China has considerable economic performance, because, among other things, cheap labor… however, this could not last forever, with this technology United States could (in words of my good friend Wayne) “kick in the butt” to China, because families could make their own items at home, they will only need raw material. Imagine the possibilities: auto parts, plastics, dishes… in fact, it might even serve to recycle things, because raw material can be reused. Certainly the technology is still in its early steps, but it is fun to see how old economic theories (where technological advance improves competitiveness of one country) are still valid in 21st century, maybe you’ll to visit this site http://www.dimensionprinting.com/default.aspx.

IPhone by July 2016, the novelty of this phone is that would come with a camera that detects faces, and might help to know that you are actually… you (as mentioned in Article http://bit.l/VpO0Dr). In this sense, I visualize a future where government could ask some public policy question, for example: Are you agree to increase VAT by 5%? and the decision could be take with the result of voting process, where people will be able to vote using their cell phones. Certainly, governments should, in this context, ask for more wise questions: Are you agreed to increase VAT by 5%, to fund more health programs? The fact is that the citizens could participate in government decisions: where to invest? How to invest? Whom do you charge? The possibilities are too entertaining.

Finally, on this page http://bit.ly/VqVrvG you’ll see some attempts to get energy from asteroids… yes, those in space. Here, again countries developing space technology could obtain new energy sources and generate a “world of possibilities”. How will the energy price behave with this new technology? What variables will affect demand and supply? Actually the theoretical framework is very entertaining.

Well, my dear friends, I can’t deny that was a pleasure to write these lines. I want to conclude noting that often the development of new technologies is more profitable than copying them, so the key is to dream… always dream.

Mauricio Medinaceli Monroy

Kabul, January 31, 2013

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